Релизы моделей и собственности

Useful information: RELEASES
If your work contains any objects (people, real estate, trademarks, etc.), images of which are protected at the international legislative level, then for a wide distribution, as well as for using such work for commercial purposes, it is necessary to "clean up" the work to reduce to a minimum the risk of any possible litigation. By "cleaning" we mean a set of documents attached that consists of, in the simplest case, a model release and / or release of the owner. 
Model releases – represent the contract between the models on the image and the author, which legally secures the author's right to transfer their work to third parties for various purposes, including commercial purposes. In addition to legal provisions, the document should contain sections with contact and verified information on models and the author, as well as information on the place and circumstances of such cooperation.
In addition, at least one witness must sign this document, and if the model or models at the time of signing of the contract are not of legal age, then they must be legally represented by their parents or official guardians.
Since the release of the model is uploaded to the website in electronic form, it is extremely useful to attach photographs of the parties with detailed passports in their hands for additional confirmation.

The blanks for model releases prepared for completion can be downloaded here:


The release of ownership – differs from the model release: it is signed by the owner, not the "property" that is present on the image, but by its owner / owners. Accordingly, the contract should contain detailed and exhaustive information about this property. In the rest everything is exactly the same as in model releases.

The blanks for release of ownership prepared for completion can be downloaded here:


By uploading the release to his/ her own files, the Author confirms the file compliance with a particular image, the reliability of the data entered into the release, and also has full legal responsibility for the correctness and accuracy of the information presented in the document in accordance with international law.